Indiana University Bloomington


Drosophila Research at Indiana University

embryoDrosophila melanogaster is used in more than 2,000 labs worldwide for investigating an amazing variety of biological questions. As one of the most important genetic model organisms, Drosophila contributes directly to breakthroughs in human disease research. The key to its success is the array of sophisticated genetic and genomic techniques available to investigators. The Indiana Unversity Department of Biology is recognized internationally as one of the foremost places for graduate and postdoctoral training in Drosophila research.  

Indiana University at Bloomington

Jordan Hall south entranceIndiana University at Bloomington has a strong history of research with Drosophila. IUB is unique in combining a strong group of investigators and international research resource centers devoted to Drosophila. The prominence of IUB in fly research is seen in the quality of its publications and its abundant funding.  

Department of Biology at IUB

larvaIUB offers a collegial and intellectually stimulating environment for training. The size and academic diversity of the Department of Biology assures that nearly any biological problem can be investigated successfully here. High quality affiliated programs and core facilities provide even more intellectual strength and technical know-how. Bloomington, nestled in the beautiful hills of southern Indiana, is a pleasant place to live and work. If Drosophila research interests you, this is the place to be!