James L. Goodson, Ph.D

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Marcy A. Kingsbury, Ph.D
Research Scientist

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Other Lab Members

Aubrey Kelly

Aubrey M. Kelly, Graduate Student

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Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen, Graduate Student

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Sara Schrock

Sara E. Schrock, M.A., Goodson-Kingsbury Lab Manager

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Leah Wilson

Leah C. Wilson, Graduate Student

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Ben Brier

Ben Brier, Undergraduate Student (Major: Biology and Math)

Namratha Jan

Namratha Jan, Undergraduate Student (Major: Neuroscience and Microbiology)

Paola Guardado

Paola Guardado, Undergraduate Student (Major: Biology and Korean)

Nick Staehler

Nick Staehler, Undergraduate Student (Major: Neuroscience)